Germaine De Pibrac James

3Germaine de Pibrac James is an experienced screenwriter with before/behind the camera production work that makes her flexible, easy to work with, and able to adapt to different budget and talent needs. She is currently working on her tenth writing assignment as well as writing the screenwriting blog Writer of Screen, nominated for Best Creative Blog by Total Film Magazine.

She has studied screenwriting, storytelling and filmmaking at places such as University of Moscow, University of Dallas, California State, and is currently refining her skills as an Intelligence Analyst with a Master’s Degree in Intelligence, Counterintelligence and Game Theory. She has lived and worked around the globe and in many unique cultures and hot zones of conflict from Argentina, Venezuela/Columbia, Ireland and Northern Ireland, Russia to Italy, UK, France, Spain, Greece,  Texas, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Illinois and Los Angeles.

Germaine brings her rich and unique Romani culture t to every project, infusing them with both much desired diversity and a unique vision.

She has directed web content for the Campaign for a U.S. Department of Peace Los Angeles, music videos for indie bands such as Transit, Tame…Tame and Quiet and Runon Fragment, as well as producing Peace Tour 2007 and the Tour documentary for the band China Room and DOPeace Los Angeles.

Currently, Germaine directs the writing services at CounterCulture working with a diverse set of writers including her own work with a wide variety of clients, as well as, developing in house projects for film, TV and graphic novels.